The Reason For This Blog...

In November 2017 I was 'outed anonymously' by The Sunday Telegraph as the only female member of the exclusive traditional gentlemen-only club in Mayfair which has made an exception allowing me to stay in the club despite the nearly 150 years rules prohibiting women to join it.

Within 48 hours the story was also reported by The Mail on Sunday, Sunday Express, The Times, London Evening Standard, The Sun, and later by the magazines The Week and The Oldie. Internationally, it appeared as a 'trend-setting story' in Ireland, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Hungary, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Uruguay, etc.

It made me realise that this is an important step towards the greater acceptance of women in the male-dominated environments, a step towards gender equality in general and a result of my own 'quiet' promotion of non-confrontation and human unity within different social groups.

Despite me generally trying to maintain a low profile and not to draw any media attention to my circumstances, the media storm created over a poorly researched articles about me being a 'first female' member in a gentlemen-only club in London (a few years after the actual decision) prompted me to attempt finding the publishers for my books, some (but not all) related to the transgender issues.

Also, as the media never tells your story the way you intend to tell it, often shifting focus to something completely irrelevant, I hope that this blog would let me be heard by the world at large.

To be continued...


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